Gemstone Healing For Your Everyday Life

Gemstone Healing Properties

Today I want to give you some more tips about gemstone healing and therapies. I already told you about making your own gem water, today lets talk about more easy ways to use healing gemstones for therapy.

Amazonite gemstone healing
Wear Amazonite chains, if you want to get relief of chronical headaches and migraine. For deep and relaxed sleeping, just put an Amazonite under your pillow.
Clean your Amazonite once a week under running lukewarm water, reload for a while in sunlight.
Gemstone classification: feldspar

Amethyst for gemstone healing
Amethyst is a gemstone for skin healing. Wear Amethyst discs or chains if you have problems with acne, pimples or for a sunburn. It activiates the skin tissue and helps to save skin moisture. Clean under running lukewarm water and recharge in a Amathyst Druze once a month, don´t put into the sunlight for recharging.
Gemstone classification: quarz

Amber the gemstone healing back pain
Amber is not a real gemstone, in fact it is a fossil resin. When it comes to healing you can use Amber to relief skin diseases (like eczema, pimples, warts) and allergies (hay fever, pollen allergy). A gemstone healing back pain - if you have problems with arthritis, rheumatism or bad back pains, put some amber in a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning. If you have inflammations in mouth or throat, suck amber like a candy. Clean Amber often under running lukewarm water and reload in the early morning or late afternoon hours in sunlight only.

Charoite stabilizes and strenghtens the immune system, has a calming effect on the nervous system and defenses radiation. If you have frequent contact to x-rays radiation, carry one with you all the time. Clean under running lukewarm water and recharge in sunlight.
Gemstone classification: a combination of many minerals and metals.

Gemstone Energy Medicine Book
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Read how and why gemstones can be used for healing, the information is clear and easy-to-understand even for beginners. The photographs are beautiful, and really provide you with a sense of the different types of crystals. This book is an excellent gemstone healing guide, highly recommended, on the therapeutic uses of gemstones that even skeptics can take seriously.

Notice:  gemstone healing does not replace a treatment or counseling by a doctor, if you have a serious health problem!

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