How can sacred trees help in our daily life?

For ages, it is known in every culture that trees have a special power. Wheather the tree provides an essential product to the community, or a species of trees may be associated with a religious event, or they are associated with the appearance of a spirit beeing, or the leaves, bark and fruits provides us with Natural Medicine.

Many cultures believed in a Cosmic Tree, which connects underworld and heaven with its roots and leaves. Like the Yggdrasil the cosmic tree of the Gothons, in India the Asvatha links its roots with the human soul, or the Mayan World Tree Yaxcheel-cah which grew in the exact center of the Earth.

Trees can teach us respect and gratidude! In this way they can help as reminders when we start our day with thankfulness. They provide us with oxygen, they build our homes and furnitures, they provide us with books, they give us food and medicine and they inspire us with their beauty. By acknowledging the important role trees have in our daily lives, we expand our awareness.

Lets just think about the medicinal value of some species. Some examples:
Ask your doctor or sanipractor if you have specific health problems.

Almond oil is used in the Middle East to heal stomach and inestinal disorders.

Leaves of the Beech have long been used to dissolve kidney and bladder stones.

A decoction of Cinnamon bark is used in South America to cure skin ulcers and wounds.

The flowers of the Elder make a laxative tea, which also treats bronchial and lung problems.

The tars, resins and oils of the Fir are used to treat coughs, as well as bladder and rheumatic problems.

An Extract of Ginkgo leaves, the oldest tree on earth, improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol and increases immunity levels. No wonder why it is the most sacred tree in Japan and China.

The Linden tree provides us with its flowers to make an excellent tea to treat indigestion, vomiting and heart palpitations.

The Neem tree is sacred in India and can help as a cancer preventative and a non toxic insecticide, which you can use in your garden.

Many of us know that the bark of the Willow contians salicylic acid, sold as aspirin.

The nature provides us with all we need. Unfortunatelly nature remedies are not very popular with the pharma industry, because the can not get a patent on it and therefore no profit. Instead we are treated with chemical drugs, for their benefit.

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