A New Earth Awakening Consciousness

A new collective earth awakening consciousness is what it needs if humans and our planet are to survive. 
In order to get that far, a significant number of humans have to be awakened first. We are all caught in our daily lives with it´s routines. Our sorrows, our fears keep us in our self created prison. But you have the key, take a look outside your cell and awaken!
"It is possible to experience an awakening in this life through realizing just how precious each moment, each mental process, and each breath truly is."

Christy Turlington

Is Awakening Just a Game

You may be wondering what the process of awakening is all about. What are your awakening from and what are you awakening to and why? One of the characteristics of a human being is a desire to give a meaning to life. What's it all about? Why are you here? Does life really have a purpose, and if so, what is it? Etc etc. Many people have a tendency to expend a lot of energy pondering these issues. Many other people don't consciously give it a lot of thought, but are often aware that they are not leading a very fulfilling or happy life.

Maybe you believe you are here to learn lessons and perhaps put right or compensate for 'mistakes' you made in past lives. Maybe you believe you are here to rise above your human nature into an enlightened state of spiritual awareness beyond everyday human experiences. Maybe you just haven't a clue what it's all about, because there are so many conflicting and contradicting views and assertions, none of which make total sense for everyone.

One conclusion to draw from all the conflicting views, is that there are many dimensions of existence, and the universe and all of life is so vast and interwoven, that we just cannot fully comprehend the bigger picture. Our human brain, wonderful and amazing though it is, cannot begin to imagine or understand how everything fits together. So rather than wasting time attempting to convince others of our views, may be time is better spent simply exploring and discovering what leads to a fulfilling and joyful life for each of us.

What you choose to believe about life, and the meaning of life, determines the way you experience it. And yes, you do choose your beliefs. Do you believe that? No one can make you believe anything against your will. Your beliefs are the result of your habitual thought patterns that you take on as being true. These may have originated from things that other people constantly told you, or from other external sources, but your repeated thinking of these thoughts created your beliefs.

Many of your beliefs may be unconscious, that is, you're not even aware that you hold these beliefs, but what happens in your life and the actions you take are the results of the beliefs you hold. So looking at your behavior and noticing the thoughts you are thinking, will reveal the beliefs you are holding.

This is very useful once you realize that you can change any belief, if you wish to. You can choose to believe anything for the benefits that holding that belief will bring you.

How do you suppose life might be for you, believing that you are an eternal being, currently having an experience here on earth as a human being, with the purpose of simply enjoying the best of both worlds and consciously creating whatever your heart desires?

Michael Beckwith, one of the stars of the law of attraction film The Secret, and founder of the Agape spiritual community in Los Angeles, says that there is nothing serious in this multi-dimensional reality. He says that beyond any apparent experiences of suffering, we are all eternal beings, and everyone gets out of here alive - a very empowering view of life.

So how would it be for you if you believed that life is a game and awakening is part of the game? How would your life be if you believed that you are awakening from an experience of ignorance or lack of awareness of how your life could really be, into a more joyful and expansive reality?

There is no way of knowing for certain, of proving beyond any doubt, if life is a game, and awakening is a part of that game, but consider what effect it would have on your life, if you chose to believe that it is, and acted accordingly. Maybe you would be happier, relieved of notions of struggle or hardship, and simply lighten up and enjoy life.

What if the game is all about playing and experimenting and having fun finding out what happens if...., finding out what you can really do if you give yourself the opportunity, how much fun you could let yourself have. Instead of living an ordinary, mundane life, would you choose for your game to be more exciting, more adventurous more loving, more compassionate.....? How would you play the game?

And perhaps that is all that awakening is about: learning to enjoy consciously playing the game of living here on Earth now.

About the Author
Shirley Crichton is passionate about awakening and helping other people to awaken to living the life of their dreams, knowing that what you can imagine, you can create.  If you liked this article, you will love her 3-minute movie at

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