Colours And Your Personality

What does your favorite colour tells us about you? We live in a colourful world and the colours we like can tell others or ourselves what we need, what we like and what we are longing for. Let me give you some examples:

Black: appearance of mystery, suppress desires, hidden depths, inner longings

Grey: hard working, caution and compromise, looking for peace and composure

White: perfection, purity, innocence and a desire of a simple life

Yellow: adventurous, sense of humor, intellectuality, happiness

Red: optimistic, aggresive, impulsive, extrospective

Blue: introspective, patient, sensitive, faithful and caring

Green: community minded, reputable, balanced, peaceful

You could write a book about colours and personality and it is already done, "A Dictionary of Colour: A Lexicon of the Language of Colour".