The different views of ONE

The materialist claims that this one is a something called Matter, self-existent, eternal, infinite, containing within itself the potentiality of Matter, Energy and Mind.

Another school, closely allied to the materialists, claim that this One is a something called Energy, of which Matter and Mind are but modes of motion.

The Idealists claim that the One is a something called Mind, and that Matter and Force are but ideas in that One Mind.

Theologians claim that this One is a something called a personal God, to whom they attribute certainqualities, characteristics, etc., the same varying with their creeds and dogmas.

The Naturistic school claims that this One is a something called Nature, which is constantly manifesting itself in countless forms.

The occultists, in their varying schools, Oriental and Occidental, have taught that the One was a Being whose Life constituted the life of all living forms.

Of course no name can be given to this One, that will fitly describe it. We all use different names but mean the same.

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