Gemstone Healing For Your Everyday Life

Gemstone Healing Properties

Today I want to give you some more tips about gemstone healing and therapies. I already told you about making your own gem water, today lets talk about more easy ways to use healing gemstones for therapy.

Amazonite gemstone healing
Wear Amazonite chains, if you want to get relief of chronical headaches and migraine. For deep and relaxed sleeping, just put an Amazonite under your pillow.
Clean your Amazonite once a week under running lukewarm water, reload for a while in sunlight.
Gemstone classification: feldspar

Amethyst for gemstone healing
Amethyst is a gemstone for skin healing. Wear Amethyst discs or chains if you have problems with acne, pimples or for a sunburn. It activiates the skin tissue and helps to save skin moisture. Clean under running lukewarm water and recharge in a Amathyst Druze once a month, don´t put into the sunlight for recharging.
Gemstone classification: quarz

Amber the gemstone healing back pain
Amber is not a real gemstone, in fact it is a fossil resin. When it comes to healing you can use Amber to relief skin diseases (like eczema, pimples, warts) and allergies (hay fever, pollen allergy). A gemstone healing back pain - if you have problems with arthritis, rheumatism or bad back pains, put some amber in a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning. If you have inflammations in mouth or throat, suck amber like a candy. Clean Amber often under running lukewarm water and reload in the early morning or late afternoon hours in sunlight only.

Charoite stabilizes and strenghtens the immune system, has a calming effect on the nervous system and defenses radiation. If you have frequent contact to x-rays radiation, carry one with you all the time. Clean under running lukewarm water and recharge in sunlight.
Gemstone classification: a combination of many minerals and metals.

Gemstone Energy Medicine Book
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This is the best "Gemstone Healing Guide" I know.

Read how and why gemstones can be used for healing, the information is clear and easy-to-understand even for beginners. The photographs are beautiful, and really provide you with a sense of the different types of crystals. This book is an excellent gemstone healing guide, highly recommended, on the therapeutic uses of gemstones that even skeptics can take seriously.

Notice:  gemstone healing does not replace a treatment or counseling by a doctor, if you have a serious health problem!

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How can sacred trees help in our daily life?

For ages, it is known in every culture that trees have a special power. Wheather the tree provides an essential product to the community, or a species of trees may be associated with a religious event, or they are associated with the appearance of a spirit beeing, or the leaves, bark and fruits provides us with Natural Medicine.

Many cultures believed in a Cosmic Tree, which connects underworld and heaven with its roots and leaves. Like the Yggdrasil the cosmic tree of the Gothons, in India the Asvatha links its roots with the human soul, or the Mayan World Tree Yaxcheel-cah which grew in the exact center of the Earth.

Trees can teach us respect and gratidude! In this way they can help as reminders when we start our day with thankfulness. They provide us with oxygen, they build our homes and furnitures, they provide us with books, they give us food and medicine and they inspire us with their beauty. By acknowledging the important role trees have in our daily lives, we expand our awareness.

Lets just think about the medicinal value of some species. Some examples:
Ask your doctor or sanipractor if you have specific health problems.

Almond oil is used in the Middle East to heal stomach and inestinal disorders.

Leaves of the Beech have long been used to dissolve kidney and bladder stones.

A decoction of Cinnamon bark is used in South America to cure skin ulcers and wounds.

The flowers of the Elder make a laxative tea, which also treats bronchial and lung problems.

The tars, resins and oils of the Fir are used to treat coughs, as well as bladder and rheumatic problems.

An Extract of Ginkgo leaves, the oldest tree on earth, improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol and increases immunity levels. No wonder why it is the most sacred tree in Japan and China.

The Linden tree provides us with its flowers to make an excellent tea to treat indigestion, vomiting and heart palpitations.

The Neem tree is sacred in India and can help as a cancer preventative and a non toxic insecticide, which you can use in your garden.

Many of us know that the bark of the Willow contians salicylic acid, sold as aspirin.

The nature provides us with all we need. Unfortunatelly nature remedies are not very popular with the pharma industry, because the can not get a patent on it and therefore no profit. Instead we are treated with chemical drugs, for their benefit.

I could write much more about this topic forever, but there is an ebook on the market, which has it all. For the first time a Naturopathic Doctor opens his vault to unveil the complete list of home remedies used by professionals Holistic Practitioners. Need a complete health guide to self healing? You are shown how to treat any disease the natural way at Homemade Medicine
This is really something that everybody should have at home.

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Dream Interpretation Guide

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen. Bailey

The spiritual world always fixes its orbit upon a straight line, while the material world is fonder of curves. We find man struggling through dreadful marshes and deserts of charlatanism in order to get a glimpse into his future, instead of solicitously following the straight line of inner consciousness that connects with the infinite mind, from which, aided by his Church and the healthy action of his own judgment, he may receive those helpful spiritual impressions and messages necessary to solace the longings of the searching soul. Gustavus Hindman Miller

Are you puzzled by your dreams, asking yourself if and what meaning they might have for you? Sometimes they are sureal, sometimes they are crystal clear.
In the following I will try to give you a very short dream interpretation guide.

To dream that you are abandoned, denotes that you will have difficulty in framing your plans for future success.

To dream of an accident is a warning to avoid any mode of travel for a short period, as you are threatened with loss of life.

Beauty in any form is pre-eminently good in a dream. A beautiful woman brings pleasure and profitable business. A well formed and beautiful child, indicates love reciprocated and a happy union.

To see flying birds, is a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. All disagreeable environments will vanish before the wave of prospective good.

If you are called and hear the voice of a friend or relative in your dream, denotes the desperate illness of some one of them, and may be death; in the latter case you may be called upon to stand as guardian over some one, in governing whom you should use much discretion.

To see street-cars in your dreams, denotes that some person is actively interested in causing you malicious trouble and disquiet.

To dream that you are in a strange city, denotes you will have sorrowful occasion to change your abode or mode of living.

To dream of diving in clear water, denotes a favorable termination of some embarrassment. If the water is muddy, you will suffer anxiety at the turn your affairs seem to be taking.

To dream that you sustain a fall, and are much frightened, denotes that you will undergo some great struggle, but will eventually rise to honor and wealth; but if you are injured in the fall, you will encounter hardships and loss of friends.

To dream of friends being well and happy, denotes pleasant tidings of them,
or you will soon see them or some of their relatives.

To see a garden in your dreams, filled with evergreen and flowers, denotes great peace of mind and comfort.

To dream of living in a hotel, denotes ease and profit.

To jump down from a wall, denotes reckless speculations and disappointment in love.

For married people to kiss each other in a dream, denotes that harmony is prized in the home life.

To hear the happy laughter of children, means joy and health to the dreamer.

To dream that you are in pain, will make sure of your own unhappiness. This dream foretells useless regrets over some trivial transaction.

To be engaged in reading in your dreams, denotes that you will excel in some work, which appears difficult.

Running alone, indicates that you will outstrip your friends in the race for wealth, and you will occupy a higher place in social life.

To see others shedding tears, foretells that your sorrows will affect the happiness of others.

If you want to find out more, the author World renowned dream expert, Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons, is the author of "How to Interpret Your Dreams". She is a regular analyst on television and radio, and consults privately to clients worldwide. You can work with your own dreams or practise your new interpretation skills on the common dreams illustrated in each chapter alongside Jane Teresa's interpretations. The e-book includes a wonderful variety of fun exercises, puzzles and processes designed to awaken and fine tune your dream-interpretation brain. This is accurate dream interpretation made both easy and enjoyable!


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How to support our spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a goal that everyone seems to be looking for.  Ever since the ice age, people seem to be in quest for a divine union and enlightenment.  There are different ancient rituals performed by different groups of people all over the world. Indigenous cultures that are still existing until now, shows us a glimpse of how ancient people quest on having a deeper understanding of the earth and the universe.

Unfortunately, rituals are considered to be of old-world and not accepted in our culture today.  They are labelled as irrational, superstitious and primitive.  The Church has totally rejected these rituals, quoting them as pagan acts. Through these rituals, people get to understand our journey towards spiritual awakening. 

In the ancient times there were mystery schools dedicated in discovering and exploring the mysteries of life and therefore touching some aspects of spirituality.  These schools flourished in Egypt, Tibet and Persia. 

In Egypt for example, there were two (#ad) mystery schools:

1. “The Left Eye Of Horus”, here the students were educated for 12 years about all aspects of the feminine part of the brain (the right side) and all the female components of consciousness. They learned about the different emotions, feelings, fears, the positive and negative aspects of the chakras and much more.

2. “The Right Eye Of Horus” which was teaching about the “male” logical part of the brain (located on the left side) and the male components of consciousness.

Ancient Egyptians have toning of special chants and sounds which took place during midnight in different locations like the sacred man-made lake and the secret chamber below the Great Sphinx.  This chanting and sounds stimulates a part of the head that can open up the brain to universal energy and electrical stimulation.  This could unleash or release your psychic gifts and abilities.  Once it has been opened, more psychic and spiritual gifts will be experienced by the person.  Gifts would include intuition, creativity, clairvoyant abilities, and emphatic abilities.

Drumming (#ad), for example, can have immense physiological effects. It can increase the heart rate and blood flow, but it can also bring you right into the alpha state. The alpha state is associated with relaxation, euphoria and creative flow. Ritual drumming can help us stay in sync with our own biological rhythms and the rhythms of nature and the universe. Try it yourself, you don´t even need a professional drum, take a wooden box, an empty coffee can or a pot to get started.

There are two fundamental cosmic truth: sound and non-sound. The inner sound only receives manifestation in the outer sound. This is therefore the way.

Photo Sejdman license.

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Tesla free energy for everybody

Imagine, you wouldn´t have to pay electric bills no more! Imagine, your car would not run on petrol, but with a widely available energy source that does´t cost a penny and yet is completely environmentally friendly. Utopia? Wishful thinking?

Have you ever heared about (#ad) Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) an inventor, a mechanical- electrical engineer and visonary. Tesla is probably best known for his revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism. Nikola Tesla obtrained about 300 patents in many different countries, most of them in the USA, UK and Canada.

Nikola Tesla´s vision was a world in which with only a few "radio towers", you receive the needed free electricity for every house by antenna. Imagine that the cost of the transmitting cables is nearly as great as the cost of generating the electricity itself! The energy for the first tower, that was already under construction, should be supplied by the power stations at Niagara Falls. But that day never came. As the donors were told that Tesla wanted to provide free energy available for everyone, the support broke away and the project was abandoned. So most of his inventions have been suppressed and Nikola Tesla died as a poor man.

If you take a look at the numbers, an oil company like Shell BP which is a typical for the market, makes around US $70,000,000 profit each day and there are many more. The governments makes even more with there tax of up to 85 % on the energy prices. They all would loose an enormous amount of money, no wonder no body is interested in Tesla free energy. By the way (#ad) Tesla was not the only inventor which was involved in free energy machines:
For example, Victor Schauberger, betrayed and slandered died in 1958. Stanley A. Meyer which was able to run his dune buggy on water alone died 1998 in a restaurant (poisoned?). Arie M. DeGeus, inventor of a free energy battery died in 2007 at Charlotte Airport (killed?). And many others...

So we are waiting for more brave inventors, a public more open to new ideas and sponsors who have the well-beeing of mankind and not only there profits in mind.

If you want to dive deeper into the matter, here you will learn incredible things about Tesla free energy and much more:

Info: Tesla's patents include inventions and developments include the AC motor, the bifilar coil, various devices that use rotating magnetic fields, the alternating current polyphase power distribution system, the fundamental devices of systems of wireless communication  (legal priority for the invention of radio), radio frequency oscillators, devices for voltage magnification by standing waves, robotics, logic gates for secure radio frequency communications, devices for x-rays, apparatus for ozone generation, devices for ionized gases, devices for high field emission, devices for charged particle beams, methods for providing extremely low level of resistance to the passage of electrical current, means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations, voltage multiplication circuitry, devices for high voltage discharges, devices for lightning  protection, the bladeless turbine, and VTOL aircraft. (source wikipedia)

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