Supernova - A New Sign For The Apocalypse In 2012?

It seems that a lot of strange things will happen in 2012.
1. The end of the Mayan calendar,
2. the end of the ancient Hindu Kali Yuga calendar,
3. the Hopi prophecies,
4. Nostradamus predicts massive destructions,
5. NASA scientist warn about huge solar storms, because of a maximum in solar activity, which will probably damage our satellite and communication system and causes long losses of our energy supply on earth.

What´s new?
6. Dr. Brad Carter, professor of physics at the Australian University of Southern Queensland predicts that the giant star Betelgeuse (Beteigeuze, Al Mankib) in the constellation of Orion, will die in a huge supernova explosion. Not harmful for us on earth because only harmless Neutrinos will reach earth, but for a while we will see two suns in the sky and even at night it won´t be dark. No other supernova in our galaxy has been discovered and witnessed by humans since 1604.

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