Spiritual Awakening And Near-Death Experiences

I guess you all have heard about near-death stories, about of (#ad) out of body experiences and spiritual awakening.  Could it really be possible for near-death experiences to result into a religious experiences and transform a person completely?  Is it really possible to attain enlightenment through this?

Most people would perceive that spiritual awakening is associated with religious persons, like saints, yogis, and lamas.  Therefore, ordinary people experiencing spiritual awakening can be both fascinating and frightening for some.  There are some who intentionally journey towards enlightenment through meditation, yoga and other traditions and rituals.  But there are others who experience spiritual awakening on their death-bed.

In an essay written by Dr. David San Filippo titled Religious Interpretations of NDEs, he stated that a “near-death experience (NDE) is a conscious experience in which the individual experiences a sense of being detached from the physical world during the process of physiological dying.” 

Medically, (#ad) near-death experiences as described by Dr. Filippo, is when the patient cannot breathe making the muscles in the heart to fail and powerful substances are released.  Also, NDE survivors say that they would have an out-of-the-body experience, where the spirit or the soul detaches itself from the body. During these detachment, survivors can experience seeing darkness or the light, meeting  spiritual and divine people, and somehow judging their lives.

In a survey performed in 1991, there were 13 million Americans or 5 percent of the population who report that they have experienced an NDE. Near-death experiences and spiritual awakening after them can actually transcend any culture and religion.  Regardless, if the patient believes in the divine or Supreme Being, near-death experience could happen. 

What happens during a near-death experience? 

The survivor first feels a sense of being dead and peace.  The soul or the spirit separates from the body and meets with different entities which have already passed away like family, friends, even angels and religious persona.  The spirit seems to be rising into the air and encounter a Light which is often associated with the Supreme Being, whatever it is called.

The survivor then senses what happened to their life and judges it.  Commonly, the survivors feel reluctant on going back to the world of living. Survivors cannot sense any time or anything that would restrict them from going wherever they want.

There are significant psychological effects of these (#ad) near-death experiences to the survivors.  According to Dr. P.M.H. Atwater (People are dramatically Changed by NDEs), here are some the psychological effects which can also be somewhat referred to enlightenment or spiritual awakening: 

•    Unconditional love- NDE survivors turn themselves into fully loving and generous people who would wonder and express themselves to each person they see.
•    Timelessness – survivors begin to follow the “flow” and tend to ignore schedules and time frames.  They would shift their focus and give more importance on the present.
•    Psychic – some survivors would wake up or return to the world of the living with heightened senses or extrasensory perception. 
•    The soul- survivors would show more interest on reincarnation and would later on accept this concept regardless of their previous belief.  Since they have experienced the soul or the spirit separating from the body, they understand that the body is nothing but a coffer for the soul.
•    Communication- NDE survivors display the use of new language or new vocabularies which is totally different with what they are used to speaking before.

These effects of NDE can be treated as spiritual awakening since the person transforms into a new person.

"Always know and remember that you are more than your physical body."  Robert Monroe

The different views of ONE

The materialist claims that this one is a something called Matter, self-existent, eternal, infinite, containing within itself the potentiality of Matter, Energy and Mind.

Another school, closely allied to the materialists, claim that this One is a something called Energy, of which Matter and Mind are but modes of motion.

The Idealists claim that the One is a something called Mind, and that Matter and Force are but ideas in that One Mind.

Theologians claim that this One is a something called a personal God, to whom they attribute certainqualities, characteristics, etc., the same varying with their creeds and dogmas.

The Naturistic school claims that this One is a something called Nature, which is constantly manifesting itself in countless forms.

The occultists, in their varying schools, Oriental and Occidental, have taught that the One was a Being whose Life constituted the life of all living forms.

Of course no name can be given to this One, that will fitly describe it. We all use different names but mean the same.

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