This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

Roughly 960 days to go and we enter the 2012 predictions! What lies ahead? Will it be the 2012 domsday, a mayor change, destruction, or enlightment? Will it happen at all, in which way, or maybe at another date?

Maybe we should not be to fixed to the date 21. December 2012. Maybe the mayan calendar calculator is wrong? The maya elder Don Alejandro is talking about 18. October 2011, because at this specific date 9 mayan gods will manifest. "9 gods will decend" is written on the "Tortuguero Monument 6", an old mayan inscription in Palenque. In the mayan calendar "god" is a synonym for cosmic energies, so 9 cosmic energies will come down to earth than.

We are leaving the age of fish and are in the dawning age of aquarius now, from "falling asleep" to "awakening". Our whole solar system, even the galaxy is on the move. The Milkyway needs 26 Mio. years to make one turn, our solar system 26,000 years to circle one round. According to many scientist every 26 Mio. years there was a massive extinction. In the age of aquarius our solar system crosses the photon belt, a belt of light.

There are a lot of 2012 predictions, not only the maya, the hopi have a prophecy for 2012 too, or take a look at Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and many more.

The hopi prophecy 2012 is very interesting too, they do not talk about a specific date, but about 9 signs that will show up before Pahana, the white brother, is returning from space, the 4th world ends and the 5th world begins.
A short summary of the hopi prophecy 2012:
1. sign of the hopi prophecy:
white men come and take the land that is not theirs and struck their enemies with thunder. (immigrants take over the land with guns)
2. sign of the hopi prophecy:
spinning wheels filled with voices coming across the prairies. (settlers in wagons)
3. sign of the hopi prophecy:
an animal with long horns will overrun the land in large numbers. (cattle)
4. sign of the hopi prophecy:
the land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (railroad tracks)
5. sign of the hopi prophecy:
the land will be criss-crossed by a giant spider´s web. (above-ground electricity and telephone lines)
6. sign of the hopi prophecy:
the land will be criss-crossed by rivers of stone. (streets, highways)
7. sign of the hopi prophecy: 
the sea is turning black and many living things die because of it. (oil tanker disasters)
8. sign of the hopi prophecy: 
many young people, weare there hair like our people, learn the wisdom of the tribal nations. (new age, flower power and new spirituality)
9. sign of the hopi prophecy: 
a dwelling-place in the sky will fall to earth with great crash, appearing like a blue star. (MIR space station?)

What comes next?

Is there something we can do to prepare for 2012 domsday, or whatever is ahead? My personal recomendations are:
For the mind, do invocations, visualization and transformation with different spiritual mental activities. For the body: breathing techniques, deacidification, more exercise and happiness.

For everybody who want to dive deeper into the mater, I would recommend James Michael Sayer`s December 2012 Official Countdown which is the most comprehensive product about the topic 2012 on the market.

Songtext, Musical Hair:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love, will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revalation
And the mind's true liberation

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love, will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius

Musical Hair Aquarius Song at You Tube

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With our thoughts we create our world

With our thoughts, speech and action, we can create our success or our failure, our wealth or poverty, a harmonic partnership or divorce, or whatever else we desire or not!

There are different levels of creation. The first one is the thought, it creates on a lighter level. The second one is the speech, if we are talking about something we create it on a deeper level. The third is the action, if we take action we create on the deepest level.

But if we have the same thought over and over again, for example that we are not successful, we create it and it is powerful indeed. If we are talking with our friends about war and crime, we create it and it gets worse. Please do something good for yourself and mankind, think and talk more positive now.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.


Buddha wall decor on Etsy

It is not easy to escape our own thinking patterns, but we are not alone, many teachers are able to help us with our new way of thinking, these days:

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Guardian Angels in our daily life.

Have you got connected to your guardian angel already? I found this interesting article which I want to share with you, I could not tell it in a better way. Thanks.

Angels in Everyday Life
By: Aabida Tarot Reader

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Angels means messengers, who have wings. First we have to understand that angels are not our imagination they do exist and they are among us. Angels are the messenger of God, who indirectly wanted to help us. Angels act as a channel between God and human. The angels are here to teach us that God wanted to answer all our problems, angels are effective healer.They can help us to heal our Love, career, studies, marriage, jobs, relationship, finance, housing issues and other life challenges. There are specific angels for every aspect of our everyday LIFE.

  • Angel of Love: these angels are directed by Archangel Chamuel. This angel is specialized in making our daily life more harmonious. For any problem related to relationships and love for archangel Chamuel can make situation harmonious. No task is too small or too  large for these angels. We just have to believe in our prayers. 

  • Archangel Raphael
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  • Angels of Healing: Archangel Raphael has capacity to heal our body to any extend. His presence can heal and help surgeons, physician. Just invoke his presence in hospital and patient will start recovering.

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  • Traveling angels: these angels are guided by Archangel Michael, they will offer protection while traveling from dangerous accidents around you when you are traveling.

  • Parking space angel: ask the angel's help to find parking space for your car.
  • Kitchen Angels: you can ask assistance from angels to help you in all your creative endeavor you may find they turn up in the most unexpected place. Ask the angel Isda to bless your food, making it more nutritious and delicious.

  • Angel of Lost object: ask angel Rochel to assist you in finding the lost objects like keys, jewellery.

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  • Exam angels: Archangel Jophiel for help during examination days.They will help to concentrate in your studies without any disturbance. Help to pass your exams. They will also help you to absorb new skills.
  • This is how angels help us in our daily life. Ask as many assistant as you want and they are there to help us. 

    Dear reader you may ask for further query and write up to

    Everything is safe in the eyes of GOD
    About the Author

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    Article Source: - Angels in Everyday Life

    I found the following very helpful and it may be interesting for you too and it is free! Receive These 7 Free Chapters From Our Ultimate Reality: Get Out of Body Experiences, The Eternal Now, Imagination, ... Healing. #ad: Click Here!

    How to get rid of your pain with meditation.

    Are we able to heal physical pain by meditation? 

    Absolutely, because the physical pain is the result of the emotions we created. If we accept this fact we can change the way we react on things that happen to us.

    Why not giving "Pain Meditation" a try if you are in emotional or physical pain.

    If we respond on situations with emotions like rage, aggresion, distress or panic, our body fabricates the corresponding hormones. In our modern society we can not react in the way or hormons want us to behave. If this behavior continous for a longer period of time, we can manifest a physical pain in our body. For example your back hurts, because you can no longer bear the situation.

    With a proper meditation you can locate the physical pain, accept it, feel responsible for it and after that you are able to relief the pain.

    The Secret Of Healing - Deepak Chopra Audio CD
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    The Secret Of Healing by Deepak Chopra.
    Easy pain meditation - The simplest guided meditation audio book to activate self healing mechanisms in your body, with wonderful healing music, ideal for beginners or seasoned meditators.

    Deepak Chopra gives the following advice on pain meditation: 

    The Spontanious Fulfillment Of Desire - Deepak Chopra
    #ad: click for book on Amazon
    "Place your attention on the part of the body where you are holding the pain. With every exhalation of breath, have the intention of releasing that tension that you are holding. For half a minute, focus on releasing tension and pain with every breath. Let it go. Breathe it out.

    The next step is to share the pain. Imagine that you could speak to the person who was involved in the incident. What would you say to that person? As you consider this, remember that the person was not the true cause of your pain. You had the emotional reaction that manifested in physical pain. You have taken responsibility. Knowing this, what would you say to that person?
    Whatever you say to share the pain you experienced will help to cleanse the experience from your consciousness forever. Share what you felt, share how you feel now, and share how you intend to deal with such feelings in the future. Take a moment to celebrate that you have used this painful experience to transcend to a higher level of consciousness."

    From "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire" by Deepak Chopra.

    As I know from my own experience, it is very difficult to start with pain meditation and there are many mistakes you can make. That´s why I would recommend a free meditation course to you. You learn precisely how to  do it "right", how to eleminate any voices and get into silentness, feel inner peace and rest and get breathing skills that tranquil you. #ad: Click Here!

    Photo thanks to HaPe_Gera License.

    Numerology, the secret of numbers.

    What is numerology and how can numerology help you? 

    In short numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. By using numerology, you can discover your inner needs, your weaknesses, talents and strengths as well as ways of dealing with others.

    Numerology is one of many beliefs in a mystical, esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects. If a number appears triple or multiple to you, this moment in life has a special message for you.

    Find out about your special life path number,  get your Free Numerology Reading now!
    Here are some common examples of specific numbers:

    1.     flow of energy, individual, aggressor, yang
    2.     beginning of a new cycle, balance, union, receptive, yin
    3.     decision, communication/interaction, neutrality
    4.     mystery school, creation
    5.     common awareness, action, restlessness
    6.     earth awareness, reaction/flux, responsibility
    7.     action, thought/consciousness
    8.     wealth, power, sacrifice
    9.     highest level of change

    Also your date of birth, as a life path, has a special message for you.

    Example: Elvis Presley, born 01-08-1935, has a birth date that adds up to 1944.  1944 reduces to 18, reduces to 9. His life path number is 18/9. Humans with a life path number 9 are charismatic and very creative, like Andrea Bocelli, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Whitney Houston, Lisa Marie Presley and many more.

    Biblical numerology - what is that about?
    Biblical numerology refers to the interpretation of numerical values used in the New Testament. Some examples:
    1: unity, 2: witness, 3: divine perfection, 4: the world and so on up to 1,000: fullness of quantity.

    Find out about your special life path number,  get your Free Numerology Reading now!

    Related article: Numerlogogy Calculations - simplified!

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    Gemstones and how to create your own gem water?

    Gem Water for Healing

    Gemstones are really a gift from heaven, they have the ability to heal and keep us healthy. To use gem water is just one of the numerous ways to work with gemstones, I prefer to create my healing gem water. But you can not simply put some gemstones in water and expect that you benefit from them in some way.

    There are some rules to make gem water you have to follow.

    1. Do not use gemstones which can be toxic, therefore it is important to know the chemical formula of these gems. For the direct water method you can not use e.g. gemstones which contain:
    antimony (Sb) e.g. in Stibnite, lithium (Li) e.g. in Kunzite.
    2. Or the formula itself is toxic like cyanide in Disthen, like copper carbonate in Malachite, or other copper compounds like in Turquoise.
    3. Even if not toxic, I would not recommend gems that contain fluoride (e.g. Fluorite, Nephrite) or aluminum (e.g. Jade), because that substances may cause health problems.
     4. You have to compose the gems carefully, best to use gems that belong to the same chemical family like quartz crystals, silicates, feldspar's, or they belong to similar families.
    5. Don´t use to many gemstones at the same time. The maximum is 5 gems per container and clean the gems carefully.
    6. Use still mineral water and a clean glass carafe to fix your gem water.
    7. Give it 2 to 8 hours to unleash the full effect.
    8. Don´t use the gemstones for more than a week, give them and you a break. Clean them and reload them in sunlight for some hours.

    Gem Water Book
    #Ad: click "Gem Water Book" on Amazon

    My favorite book on "How to make Gem Water" 

    The authors give a concise discussion on the practice and therapeutic benefits of gemstone water, as well as methods for making elixirs the direct or indirect way. Everyone who wants to use gemstones and crystals should definitely read it.

    My favorite compositions and the applications for gem water crystals:

    For detoxifying, kidney, liver, bile, blood circulation. Use Carnelians, put some in water overnight and drink first thing in the morning.

    Gem mixture of silicates that helps with diabetes, metabolic disorders, poor digestion: Clear Opal, Sunstone, Imperial Topaz.

    Healing gem water which is good for sore muscles, distortions, relaxation: Dolomite, Magnesite, Serpentine.

    Crystal water which helps with colds, infections and is good for your lymph flow: Chalcedon, Moss Agate, clear or murky Opal.

    If you are exhausted, need recovery, or after illness, good for liver too.  4 green gems for your water: Epidote, Nephrite, Ocean Agate , Zoisite.

    Gem water good for bladder, kidney and the immune system. A mixture of quartz and silicates: Heliotrope, Nephrite, Serpentine.

    Notice: this does not replace a treatment or counseling by a doctor, if you have a serious health problem!

    Photo thanks to Genista License

    Related articles on this blog: Gemstone Healing For Your Everyday Life Part 1 

    Enjoy this moment

    Don´t rush through the day, feel the light breeze on your skin.
    Don´t rush through the day, listen to the birds song, without giving it a name.
    Don´t rush through the day, take a break, sit down and let your mind be quiet.
    Enjoy this moment, it is (#ad) now, be happy and all your problems will find a solution.

    You don´t need to leave your room, remain sitting at your table and listen. Don´t even listen, simply wait, don´t even wait, be quite still and solitary the world will freely offer itself to you. To be unmasked it has no choice, it will roll in exstasy at your feet.
    Franz Kafka

    Tom Kenyon´s 23. Psalm, most wonderful music ever.

    The video upload maybe takes 2 minutes, please be patient, it is worth it!
    Tom Kenyon: Teacher, Scientist, Sound Healer, Psychotherapist, Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Shaman, Author, one of the most respected sound healers in the world today.
    Neither the voice nor the man can be explained in one paragraph or in any combination of words. He is essence of, manifestation of, emanation of . . . and his vitality, his magic and his integrity cannot be articulated in electronic swipes of ink on a papyrus of light particles captured on a computer screen. So we invite you to feel his work through what you sense reading these words and listening to the sound bites, which can no more adequately capture his voice than words can portray the man.
    Read more on:

    Thanks to Tom Kenyon for the wonderful music of the 23. Psalm, which you are listening to right now.
    This is only a part of the original song from the CD "Ghandarva Experience" (#ad) uploaded as a free audio sample.

    What does it need to be happy!

    Ask yourself, what do I really need to (#ad) be happy? Is more really necessarry? Will I be more happy with another new car or diamond ring? Or is it more important for me to  see happy people around me? What makes me more happy, to pet my cat, or my car. Sometimes the small things make us as happy as the big ones and it is not so much effort to get them. Think about it, maybe you should spend more time with your kids, laughing and playing together, instead of making hours and hours of overtime at the office to afford a bigger house.

    Be happy for others joy!

    Sharing and rejoicing in others (#ad) happiness is love in one of its highest forms. Express joy and happiness in others success. The more you rejoice, the more you will find yourself beeing blessed abundantly, for what goes out will find its way back naturally.