Gemstones and how to create your own gem water?

Gem Water for Healing

Gemstones are really a gift from heaven, they have the ability to heal and keep us healthy. To use gem water is just one of the numerous ways to work with gemstones, I prefer to create my healing gem water. But you can not simply put some gemstones in water and expect that you benefit from them in some way.

There are some rules to make gem water you have to follow.

1. Do not use gemstones which can be toxic, therefore it is important to know the chemical formula of these gems. For the direct water method you can not use e.g. gemstones which contain:
antimony (Sb) e.g. in Stibnite, lithium (Li) e.g. in Kunzite.
2. Or the formula itself is toxic like cyanide in Disthen, like copper carbonate in Malachite, or other copper compounds like in Turquoise.
3. Even if not toxic, I would not recommend gems that contain fluoride (e.g. Fluorite, Nephrite) or aluminum (e.g. Jade), because that substances may cause health problems.
 4. You have to compose the gems carefully, best to use gems that belong to the same chemical family like quartz crystals, silicates, feldspar's, or they belong to similar families.
5. Don´t use to many gemstones at the same time. The maximum is 5 gems per container and clean the gems carefully.
6. Use still mineral water and a clean glass carafe to fix your gem water.
7. Give it 2 to 8 hours to unleash the full effect.
8. Don´t use the gemstones for more than a week, give them and you a break. Clean them and reload them in sunlight for some hours.

Gem Water Book
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My favorite book on "How to make Gem Water" 

The authors give a concise discussion on the practice and therapeutic benefits of gemstone water, as well as methods for making elixirs the direct or indirect way. Everyone who wants to use gemstones and crystals should definitely read it.

My favorite compositions and the applications for gem water crystals:

For detoxifying, kidney, liver, bile, blood circulation. Use Carnelians, put some in water overnight and drink first thing in the morning.

Gem mixture of silicates that helps with diabetes, metabolic disorders, poor digestion: Clear Opal, Sunstone, Imperial Topaz.

Healing gem water which is good for sore muscles, distortions, relaxation: Dolomite, Magnesite, Serpentine.

Crystal water which helps with colds, infections and is good for your lymph flow: Chalcedon, Moss Agate, clear or murky Opal.

If you are exhausted, need recovery, or after illness, good for liver too.  4 green gems for your water: Epidote, Nephrite, Ocean Agate , Zoisite.

Gem water good for bladder, kidney and the immune system. A mixture of quartz and silicates: Heliotrope, Nephrite, Serpentine.

Notice: this does not replace a treatment or counseling by a doctor, if you have a serious health problem!

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