Numerology, the secret of numbers.

What is numerology and how can numerology help you? 

In short numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. By using numerology, you can discover your inner needs, your weaknesses, talents and strengths as well as ways of dealing with others.

Numerology is one of many beliefs in a mystical, esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects. If a number appears triple or multiple to you, this moment in life has a special message for you.

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Here are some common examples of specific numbers:

1.     flow of energy, individual, aggressor, yang
2.     beginning of a new cycle, balance, union, receptive, yin
3.     decision, communication/interaction, neutrality
4.     mystery school, creation
5.     common awareness, action, restlessness
6.     earth awareness, reaction/flux, responsibility
7.     action, thought/consciousness
8.     wealth, power, sacrifice
9.     highest level of change

Also your date of birth, as a life path, has a special message for you.

Example: Elvis Presley, born 01-08-1935, has a birth date that adds up to 1944.  1944 reduces to 18, reduces to 9. His life path number is 18/9. Humans with a life path number 9 are charismatic and very creative, like Andrea Bocelli, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Whitney Houston, Lisa Marie Presley and many more.

Biblical numerology - what is that about?
Biblical numerology refers to the interpretation of numerical values used in the New Testament. Some examples:
1: unity, 2: witness, 3: divine perfection, 4: the world and so on up to 1,000: fullness of quantity.

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