Turmoils - the mayan end of the world?

Are you worried about our future?

Are you looking for explanations for the upheaval and disasters we witness all over our planet right now? Are this signs for the Mayan end of the world?
Everyday there are news about demonstrations against the established order in some corners of the world. It started in Tunisia, spread to Egypt and Syria and all over the middle east. Even China seems to be to be vulnerable now. But it happens in Europe too, think about the mass marches in Lisbon, Portugal, massive protests in Madrid, Spain and 90 other Spanish cities, demonstrations in Athens, Greece as well as major UK demonstrations. This all happened this year! All signs of apocalypse?

But not enough, Japan and the rest of the world was shocked by a terrifying earthquake and tsunami and the disaster even grow into a nuclear crisis. And at least the economic and financial crisis that swept across the globe.

We are in need for a simple plan for our personal and collective future and we are longing for a message that is filled with hope, and make us capable of handling all of our tomorrows!

Is what we are seeing the beginning of “the end”, the apocalypse, the doomsday? Is 2012 the end of the world?

Do you think living in fear, nervous caution, searching for a safe place, hoarding food, while having the Mayan calendar 2012 predictions in mind is the right answer? Maybe I am wrong, but no I don´t think so.

It is our thinking we must change!

Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God tells us what we can do in his newest book. Lets make our dialogue with God come alive in our personal and collective lives. This book can give you your life back and our world, our future. Please visit (#ad) The Storm Before the Calm: Book 1 in the Conversations with Humanity Series at Amazon for more information.

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Solar Storm 2011 - Just The Beginning

Solar storms threaten earth in 2011

Over the past few days 3 huge explosions happened on the surface of the sun. This might mark the start of the solar storm warning NASA scientist gave out for 2011 and 2012. The solar storms which will reach earth this week could affect and disrupt communications and GPS satellites. The expected level of the geomagnetic storm is moderate to strong.

The sun is at the high point in its roughly 11-year cycle of activity, in other words its solar maximum. Between now and 2013 it can get really rough and overall the danger is becoming more critical. A huge solar storm 1859 like could cause up to $2 trillion in damage globally.

With significantly increasing solar activity and geomagnetic storms, strong risk patients should try to avoid any physical stress. Although influences of solar activity on the human organism are still controversial, there are convincing studies on this, which certainly should not be underestimated. Intense geomagnetic storms might increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Thanks to the new NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Solar Satellite (launched into space in February 2010) we are provided with constantly new spectacular images of solar phenomena as well as faster and more accurate warnings.

Keep yourself updated on the solar storm 2011 activity here: http://www.solarham.com/

Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga for many aches and pains

Yoga is a discipline unique in it's combination of focus on body, mind and spirit. With some healing yoga exercises you may be able to support your medical therapy for the following disease.

A study showed that a vegetarian diet, combined with moderate exercise and an hour of yoga and meditation a day could produce a reversal of atherosclerosis in men and women who follow the daily regimen.

Parkinson’s Disease
Yoga has emerged as a beneficial alternative therapy and an ideal form of exercise for Parkinson's patients because of its slow movements. Concentrate on controlling your breath as this form of yoga helps in moments of panic – such as feet sticking to the floor when walking.

Circulatory System And Immune System
With a series of poses and postures, which are designed to clear blockages in the circulatory system and ensure that everything is flowing as it should at an even regular rate.  Yoga flexes the muscles and strengthens them very efficiently over time'.  This strengthening and constant working of these muscles pumps the lymphatic system and makes out body much more efficient in removing of waste matter.  People who practice Yoga regularly can expect that they will have a greatly enhanced immune response system and be able to deal better with infections.

Yoga has shown some beneficial results in curing diabetes. The yoga exercises that are prescribed for curing diabetes is different from hatha yoga exercise because it involves positions tailored to treat certain conditions, as well as meditation, relaxation and stretching exercises.

In asthma, the airways become restricted making breathing difficult. Yoga breathing exercises could help sufferers of mild asthma and may help reduce their use of low-dose drug inhalers in wheezing attacks.

Gemstones Meanings

Gemstones Meanings And Properties

Gemstones can be precious or semi-precious. Many people are familiar with the precious gemstones like pearls, rubies, and diamonds. But there are also other semi precious gems out there, like alexandrite, beryl, garnet, lapis lazuli, moonstone and opal, just to mention a view.

Gemstones meanings for your body

Alexandrite: good for the spleen, stomach and pancreas; for stomach ulcers.
Beryl: helps with diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach and intestinal inflammation.
Garnet: strengthens the heart, controls heart rate, regulates blood pressure.
Lapis lazuli: anti-spasmodic and calming; relieves headaches, neuralgia and rheumatic pain as well as sunburn and insect bites. Worn as a chain it can cure menstrual problems, lung diseases and diseases of the throat, tonsils and esophagus.
Moonstone: is a special healing stone for women, it controls and harmonizes the female hormones.
Milk opal: good for stomach and digestive tract
Boulder opal: keep veins and arteries from calcification and inflammation
Black opal: against viruses and bacteria

My favorite book on gemstone meanings:
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In "The Crystal Bible" Judy Hall explains semi precious gemstones meanings and uses. - Each stone's mental, spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical effects explained and you get to know exactly where the crystal is best placed upon the body for optimum benefits. The Crystal Bible is an impressive reference book with gorgeous true-to-life color photographs.

Gemstones meanings and healing effect on the psyche

Alexandrite: gives more cheerfulness and pleasure; for harmonious relationship in the partnership; for more foresight and insight.
Beryl: soothes and helps with homesickness.
Garnet: for more will power and self confidence
Lapis lazuli: against fears, blocks and prejudices; promotes concentration and intuition.
Moonstone: for more vitality and youthful appearance; against fear of the future
Milk opal: for depression
Boulder opal: for more ease and serenity; boosts intelligence
Black opal: for more singleness of purpose

More gemstones meanings and pictures:

Alexandrite is a rare and fascinating gem, it changes color from bright green outdoors raspberry red to but when you’re indoors. This stone was first discovered in Russia in 1831 and was named after Czar Alexander II.

gemstones meanings of Beryl
Beryl is is found in Brazil, Afghanistan and Madagascar and available in different shades such as yellow, pink, golden, emerald, and aquamarine.

Garnet is a very precious gem, because of its durability and brilliance. This gemstone is available in different colors like white and whitish gray, mottled green, pink, orange, yellow, mauve, brown and lilac, but the most popular is the red garnet.

Lapis Lazuli gemstone meaning
Lapis lazuli is found in in Chile, Russia, and Afghanistan and it shows a very deep and intense blue color. The word lapis lazuli has it roots in the Arabic word for sky (azul) and the Greek word lapis (stone). See picture on the left.

Moonstone (a sodium potassium aluminosilicate) belongs to the family of feldspar's. The blue moonstone varieties are more valuable than the milky white and transparent varieties. Moonstone is found in Brazil, USA, Madagascar, India or Sri Lanka.

crystal healing with Opal

Opal shows the multiple colors of the rainbow, caused by the refraction of light at the surface. This stone can also be found in transparent, white blue and rare black and this is really valuable. Opal is found in Australia and Brazil.
See picture.

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Akashic record written on a palm-leaf

9 interesting facts about the akashic record and nadi reading.

1. The Akashic record is written in old Tamil on a palm leaf (also called nadi leaves) 10 to 12 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in width.

2. If you want to take a look at your Akashic records you will need to get in touch with an Akashic record reading consultant or naadi reader, plus you need a translator.

3. First you have to provide your thumb impression (right thumb for men, left thumb for women). The nadi reader will read the thumb impression and this is the first step to find your palm leaf within the Akashic record keepers huge collection of manuscripts. Therefore he pose a few questions, like your name starts with which letter, how many letters your name is, whether parents are alive or not. The naadi reader can get access to these records by means such as a simple sacred prayer. After the correct palm-leaf manuscript is found the predictions begins.

4. The Akashic record is not just bits of information written on a palm leaf, but it is the book of life and it can tell you where you have been and where you are headed. Karma does end playing a big role in your Akashic records, meditation is helpful practice to dig deeper into your subconsciousness. Meditation is useful to but you’ll want to keep in mind that when you access all this information you’ll be able to learn about yourself.

Akashik Records - Edgar Cayence
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The Akashic Records: The Book of Life by Edgar Cayce.
Get explained what the akashik records are, how to access akashic records, the subconsciousness and universal database, and receive incredible information on how akashik records impact our life.  The past life memories and experiences of people are stored in those palm records, reincarnation is central to the whole idea. The Akashik Records draws to us exactly what we need, when we need it.

5. As for what it is, you’ll notice that it is a system that not only states the future, but it will state your past and even your present. You’ll find that this is simply a way for you to file all your memories, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your  palm leaf manuscript stores all your events and all your experiences.

6. Your Akashic record questions will help sort out all your problems and it will also provide you useful information that will help you to understand who you are and who you are becoming.

7. There is some preparation needed in order for you to take a reading. You’ll want to think about things that are general concerns to you. Most of the time you will want to pinpoint issues with health, work, finances, love, friendships, and family. It is very important that you consider what areas you want to focus on. Bring up any concerns or questions that you might have with the consultant.

8. With your recording you’ll be able to catch memories that you normally wouldn’t recall. You will also be able to track where your soul is going when you take a look at your past.

9. Some places where you can get a nadi reading of your akashik redords in:
India: Madras (Sri Agasthya Nadi), Chengalpatthu (Sri Brighu Nadi, Natarajapuram), Chenghalpathu, Vaithiswarankoil
India, Bangalore: Gunjur Sachidananda
India Kanchipuram: Mr. Balasubramaniam
Indonesia: Bali, Gjanjar
Myanmar: Yangon

The palm leaf library of Kanchipuram (located 70 km southwest of Chennai) in India is probably one of the oldest of its kind and very traditionally. The future Nadi readers live and work as family members in the house of the master, and be taught for several decades in the art of nadi reading. One of the nadi readers reported that he has been living with Mr. Balasubramaniam for more than a dozen years. For eight years he practiced reading the palm leaves itself, initially in the presence and under the guidance of the master, he now works independently. Nevertheless, the interpretation of ancient texts is a constant learning process, not only for the person concerned, who shall get information about his fate, but also for the nadi readers to improve their skills of reading constantly.

In Kanchipuram a total of 16 nadi readings is possible. At the first reading, the client receives an overall view about his past and future lives up to the time of death. The following "chapters" expand to individual lives - such as on education, occupation, career or love, relationships and family as well as the mental and spiritual development. 

Naadi Predictions
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Naadi Predictions A Mind Boggling Miracle by "wing commander" Shashikant Oak.
Read about a real personal nadi astrology experience, a nadi reading, and get a deeply personal yet honest journey towards understanding the mind boggling experience of akashic records which would defy all normative bounds of logic.  This book reads almost like a thriller and contains some hair-raising episodes of unbelievable accuracy based on nadi predictions.

Supernova - A New Sign For The Apocalypse In 2012?

It seems that a lot of strange things will happen in 2012.
1. The end of the Mayan calendar,
2. the end of the ancient Hindu Kali Yuga calendar,
3. the Hopi prophecies,
4. Nostradamus predicts massive destructions,
5. NASA scientist warn about huge solar storms, because of a maximum in solar activity, which will probably damage our satellite and communication system and causes long losses of our energy supply on earth.

What´s new?
6. Dr. Brad Carter, professor of physics at the Australian University of Southern Queensland predicts that the giant star Betelgeuse (Beteigeuze, Al Mankib) in the constellation of Orion, will die in a huge supernova explosion. Not harmful for us on earth because only harmless Neutrinos will reach earth, but for a while we will see two suns in the sky and even at night it won´t be dark. No other supernova in our galaxy has been discovered and witnessed by humans since 1604.

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