Gemstones Meanings

Gemstones Meanings And Properties

Gemstones can be precious or semi-precious. Many people are familiar with the precious gemstones like pearls, rubies, and diamonds. But there are also other semi precious gems out there, like alexandrite, beryl, garnet, lapis lazuli, moonstone and opal, just to mention a view.

Gemstones meanings for your body

Alexandrite: good for the spleen, stomach and pancreas; for stomach ulcers.
Beryl: helps with diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach and intestinal inflammation.
Garnet: strengthens the heart, controls heart rate, regulates blood pressure.
Lapis lazuli: anti-spasmodic and calming; relieves headaches, neuralgia and rheumatic pain as well as sunburn and insect bites. Worn as a chain it can cure menstrual problems, lung diseases and diseases of the throat, tonsils and esophagus.
Moonstone: is a special healing stone for women, it controls and harmonizes the female hormones.
Milk opal: good for stomach and digestive tract
Boulder opal: keep veins and arteries from calcification and inflammation
Black opal: against viruses and bacteria

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Gemstones meanings and healing effect on the psyche

Alexandrite: gives more cheerfulness and pleasure; for harmonious relationship in the partnership; for more foresight and insight.
Beryl: soothes and helps with homesickness.
Garnet: for more will power and self confidence
Lapis lazuli: against fears, blocks and prejudices; promotes concentration and intuition.
Moonstone: for more vitality and youthful appearance; against fear of the future
Milk opal: for depression
Boulder opal: for more ease and serenity; boosts intelligence
Black opal: for more singleness of purpose

More gemstones meanings and pictures:

Alexandrite is a rare and fascinating gem, it changes color from bright green outdoors raspberry red to but when you’re indoors. This stone was first discovered in Russia in 1831 and was named after Czar Alexander II.

gemstones meanings of Beryl
Beryl is is found in Brazil, Afghanistan and Madagascar and available in different shades such as yellow, pink, golden, emerald, and aquamarine.

Garnet is a very precious gem, because of its durability and brilliance. This gemstone is available in different colors like white and whitish gray, mottled green, pink, orange, yellow, mauve, brown and lilac, but the most popular is the red garnet.

Lapis Lazuli gemstone meaning
Lapis lazuli is found in in Chile, Russia, and Afghanistan and it shows a very deep and intense blue color. The word lapis lazuli has it roots in the Arabic word for sky (azul) and the Greek word lapis (stone). See picture on the left.

Moonstone (a sodium potassium aluminosilicate) belongs to the family of feldspar's. The blue moonstone varieties are more valuable than the milky white and transparent varieties. Moonstone is found in Brazil, USA, Madagascar, India or Sri Lanka.

crystal healing with Opal

Opal shows the multiple colors of the rainbow, caused by the refraction of light at the surface. This stone can also be found in transparent, white blue and rare black and this is really valuable. Opal is found in Australia and Brazil.
See picture.

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