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Past Life Regression Techniques

Past life regression techniques - investigations into your former self.

Recalling your past can be done through hypnosis. This is the most common method used as past life regression techniques but there are also other ways to conduct PLR. Different techniques are used to uncover details of past life and it is up to the PLR therapist to determine which technique is best suited to a certain individual.

Hypnosis is the most used method because the therapist can get in touch with the unconscious mind of his patient. Prior to hypnotism, the therapist will ask the individual for the things that bother him or if he is suffering from any health condition. This will be the subject and it will be the basis of the past life regression session. Two techniques are employed in this situation:

1. The therapist will use the subject as a root to accessing the past life of the patient. He will constantly prompt the individual with questions. The therapist creates a suitable atmosphere where the patient can go back to his past life. Once the patient reaches a relaxed state, the therapist can now access the recollections of the individual. After reaching the appropriate consciousness level or the in-utero stage, flashes of inter-life conditions can now be seen and so the individual can verbally describe such memories. 

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2. Karma or Cause and Effect – this cause and effect method is another PLR technique. The principle of karma is being used in this method. Your past life has a relationship with your present life. The effects are seen today so you need to discover your past life to determine the root cause. For instance, if you were a good person in your past life, you will also have a great present life. But if you’re bad, then your present life will not be very pleasant. If you’ve made unfulfilled decisions, thoughts, promises, and vow, the effects can be seen in your present life. Take note of your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health. If you notice anything abnormal, you may need to visit a PLR therapist.

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In order to get information on your past life, the therapist will ask for your birth date and the time you were born. The therapist is the only person who can determine the right state for accessing your unconscious mind. Aside from hypnosis, the PLR therapist can also make use of non-hypnotic techniques. These are also called bridge techniques. It concerns your physical sensations, phrases, visions, words, and intense emotions. In this technique, the patient will automatically slip to consciousness and they don’t even need to undergo the transition state. If you’re having conflicts today, it may be connected to your past life. 
Every one of us was born previously and going to born again - who were you in a past life? 
Only by accessing your past life can you resolve the conflicts you’re having.

I hope this article on past life regression techniques was helpful for you.