Sacred Geometry Symbols Rediscovered

Da Vinci - Flower Of Life 

Sacred geometry symbols have at all times been known to people and used by all civilizations throughout the ages.

Their efficacy is currently being rediscovered by contemporary research. For about a decade various research groups in Europe have been discovering entire groups of sacred geometry symbols and shapes that carry specific and dedicated qualities for harmonizing and balancing our lives and environmental situations.

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Thus the scope and range of sacred geometry have extraordinarily expanded and are now complimenting traditionally known in new homeopathy. All such sacred geometry shapes works with free flowing, cosmic energy.

sacred geometry - flower of life
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Since the beginning of time people have created sacred symbols as an expression of healing, religion and reconnection. The spiritual wisdom of all civilizations was expressed
and transmitted through such sacred patterns and encoded sacred geometric symbols. Celtic symbols,  Egyptian signs, the mandala symbols of Tibet, the yantras (the Sanskrit word for "instrument" or "machine") of India or the codes of the Mayans, are well documented examples.Traditionally all sacred geometry symbols are like keys or bridges into the dimensions behind our visible, material reality. The sacred symbols of the ancients draw their enormous efficacy from a realm beyond duality and is perceivable through its form as a seal for our senses. The harmonic information from the universal source is transmitted through impulses of energy and light.

Nowadays contemporary science has rediscovered the immense potential of these kind of code-groups. The field of New Homeopathy was developed by the bio resonance scientist Erich Koerbler (born 1938 in Vienna, Austria), he reinvented a combination of bar codes and geometric forms which influence cellular communication and the structural order within the human organism. It was Erich Koerbler who found the 'reverse-principle of system information’, which are related to these ancient techniques. He discovered that certain sacred geometric symbols or combination's of bar codes are able to change the flow of information within a system. Accordingly particular symbols can influence the communication of cells and their degree of creating order and they can cause alignment and healing for an organism.

This has been known throughout centuries. A mummy called “Ötzi the glacier man” from 3300 BC who was found in the Alps of Austria gives a good example. Ötzi was covered with bar codes and sacred geometry symbols tattooed all over his body. Also the Australian Aborigines and Native Americans and have long understood the healing powers of body painting.Körbler Symbols sinus Y cross bar code 

How can we activate our self-healing powers with the help of some basic energy healing symbols?
The key factor is the arrangement and orientation of the characters: the sine curve, the Y, the cross and the bar code. Simply by drawing onto the skin with non permanent marking, these healing symbols can cause alignment and healing of an organism. The advantage of the Energy Therapy is that using these symbols and meanings creates no side effects and is self-regulating, only what the person needs will be absorbed and utilized, no overdosing possible.

"Everything in our universe vibrates - from people to animals, stones, colors, micro-organisms and even geometric symbols. Everything that exists, sends out information via its own vibration and is connected to one another and affecting each other."