Turmoils - the mayan end of the world?

Are you worried about our future?

Are you looking for explanations for the upheaval and disasters we witness all over our planet right now? Are this signs for the Mayan end of the world?
Everyday there are news about demonstrations against the established order in some corners of the world. It started in Tunisia, spread to Egypt and Syria and all over the middle east. Even China seems to be to be vulnerable now. But it happens in Europe too, think about the mass marches in Lisbon, Portugal, massive protests in Madrid, Spain and 90 other Spanish cities, demonstrations in Athens, Greece as well as major UK demonstrations. This all happened this year! All signs of apocalypse?

But not enough, Japan and the rest of the world was shocked by a terrifying earthquake and tsunami and the disaster even grow into a nuclear crisis. And at least the economic and financial crisis that swept across the globe.

We are in need for a simple plan for our personal and collective future and we are longing for a message that is filled with hope, and make us capable of handling all of our tomorrows!

Is what we are seeing the beginning of “the end”, the apocalypse, the doomsday? Is 2012 the end of the world?

Do you think living in fear, nervous caution, searching for a safe place, hoarding food, while having the Mayan calendar 2012 predictions in mind is the right answer? Maybe I am wrong, but no I don´t think so.

It is our thinking we must change!

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