Guardian Angels in our daily life.

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Angels in Everyday Life
By: Aabida Tarot Reader

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Angels means messengers, who have wings. First we have to understand that angels are not our imagination they do exist and they are among us. Angels are the messenger of God, who indirectly wanted to help us. Angels act as a channel between God and human. The angels are here to teach us that God wanted to answer all our problems, angels are effective healer.They can help us to heal our Love, career, studies, marriage, jobs, relationship, finance, housing issues and other life challenges. There are specific angels for every aspect of our everyday LIFE.

  • Angel of Love: these angels are directed by Archangel Chamuel. This angel is specialized in making our daily life more harmonious. For any problem related to relationships and love for archangel Chamuel can make situation harmonious. No task is too small or too  large for these angels. We just have to believe in our prayers. 

  • Archangel Raphael
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  • Angels of Healing: Archangel Raphael has capacity to heal our body to any extend. His presence can heal and help surgeons, physician. Just invoke his presence in hospital and patient will start recovering.

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  • Traveling angels: these angels are guided by Archangel Michael, they will offer protection while traveling from dangerous accidents around you when you are traveling.

  • Parking space angel: ask the angel's help to find parking space for your car.
  • Kitchen Angels: you can ask assistance from angels to help you in all your creative endeavor you may find they turn up in the most unexpected place. Ask the angel Isda to bless your food, making it more nutritious and delicious.

  • Angel of Lost object: ask angel Rochel to assist you in finding the lost objects like keys, jewellery.

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  • Exam angels: Archangel Jophiel for help during examination days.They will help to concentrate in your studies without any disturbance. Help to pass your exams. They will also help you to absorb new skills.
  • This is how angels help us in our daily life. Ask as many assistant as you want and they are there to help us. 

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