End Time Prophecies In John's Revelation

John´s Revelation (Greek: apokalypsis, literally "unveiling") the last book in the New Testament. It is the record of 16 visions of his end time prophecies in which John apparently gained an insight into the divine plan.  

However, the text is encoded in symbolic form. With good reason: not everyone should know at once what is meant exactly. But anyone who deals with the book can see easily that the Revelation of John is an end time prophecy for our time. Much of what we experience today (financial crisis, NWO, oil spills, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, media manipulation, war, awakening a new consciousness, ...) have been announced in the Apocalypse. It seems that human history is following an ancient, long-known plan.  

The "struggle of women against the dragon" (Rev. XII) represents the struggle of light against darkness, the increasingly intensified in the last days.  
The "beast from the sea and its power" (Rev. XIII) represents the current ruling elite and their plans for the concentration of power with the help of capital, fear and violence.  
In Revelation XX is the destruction of Satan. After that "begins the new world of God" (Rev. XXI-XXII), an age in which freedom, love and trust rule the world. 
A new beginning in 2012?

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