Trusting Your Own Capabilities

You are born with talents, capabilities, a thinking brain and a loving heart. Reflect, when faced with challenges in life, do you forget your wonderfull capabilities or do you make full use of them?

Have faith and trust in yourself. You will soon find every challenge lighter and every balltle easier to win.

When you come across difficult situations and obstacles, take a pause. Instead of viewing them as burdensome, turn your perspective 180° around and welcome them. Whatever your resist is a calling for love within, an indication of self-healing. All obstacles are signposts to inner growth.

"No matter how stupendous and complicated, nor how simple your problem may be--the solution of it is somewhere in Mind, in Thought. And since the solution does exist, this Mental Giant can find it for you. It can KNOW, and it can DO, every right thing. Whatever it is necessary for you to know, whatever it is necessary for you to do, you can know and you can do if you will but seek the help of this Genie-of-your-Mind and work with it in the right way." Robert Collier

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