Overcoming Lack Of Motivation

Is overcoming lack of motivation and laziness possible and what to do?

Motivation is not a constant but varies. This is perfectly normal. There are times when you will feel a loss of motivation at work, and others where you are in high spirits and brimming with energy. At times, motivation is followed by periods of weariness, you don´t feel motivated and wish to do anything at all.

The causes of lack of motivations?
The reasons may because your expectations were disappointed, it does not really go on. Or someone told you that you will be not able to achieve your goal anyway, you feel exhausted and revised. Your goals may seem completely uninteresting at such times. You had all these wonderful dreams and outlooks but now it doesn´t mean anything to you. What has happened? You are in a period of weariness. Your mood is, for whatever reason, bad. You are in “lack motivation – do anything” state.

There are several ways to overcoming lost motivations and inactivity.

You don´t need to overcome this kind of laziness, you only need to continue. The right attitude is to be calm and focused. No matter whether you are angry, listless, nervous, or anything else stick to your plans. If you think you could not work at such times, prove yourself the contrary. You don´t need 100% of your energy to go ahead. Keep going, even on bad days, this will give you a special reward in the end. You have to create an element of stability in your live that gives you extra support and strength. No matter what comes, no matter what you think and how you feel, you just move on.

Your goals will give you support and guidance.

Give this strategy a chance. Try out how it works for you. If you can put one foot before the other, you can! Honestly evaluate whether or not you can or whether you do not want something. If you are in a bad mood, you can still continue to work towards your goals, and often you will notice then that the bad mood and lack of motivation is gone.

If this doesn´t work for you try another strategy: find a way to feel comfortable. Rest for a while when you are exhausted. Relax, do something stimulating, if you're bored. Move around, or eat something delicious. Take a few days off. Do anything that causes you to feel well again. Once you feel better, your goal will shine in its former glory. The original motivation is back.

Your mood, which depends mainly on the satisfaction of your desires, turns your world the way you feel. If your mood is gray, the world looks gray to you. Also, your goals will seem pale and colorless. On the other hand, if you feel good, the world and everything is bright and wonderful.

In the end it is your choice to continue with your life or to surrender to your doubts and pessimism.